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Empowerment of youths on Entrepreneurship is everyone business. IYDEA Nigeria and many well-meaning individuals share the vision of every youth with disability in Nigeria- to live a life free of discrimination, become employable or employed and to be sincerely appreciated in their community and also internationally. Beginning on the 29th of April 2013, the ball was set rolling to achieve these dreams. Follow along as we take you through the process of this transformational project which began with the establishment of a Vocational, Arts, Skills and Entrepreneurship Club (VASE Club) in Special Education Secondary School, Calabar in Cross River State, Nigeria;

Distribution of letters to Parents of Beneficiaries

On April 29, 2013 letters were distributed to parents of the participants informing them of IYDEA’s activities and VASE (Vocational, Arts, skills and Entrepreneurship) club and its activities for 2013. The letter also informed parents on the upcoming Art and Skills exhibition (VASE Club Exhibition) and how their ward can acquire a VASE club membership. To know more about VASE Club, click here.

Commencement of VASE Club’s Hands-on Training

On May 6, 2013 VASE Club commenced with allocation of students to three classes of skills, registration of students and distribution of name tags. A little seminar was organized where the students were enlightened on the activities, membership, benefits of VASE Club and what is expected of them during the trainings. There were three classes of two skills each and the students had the opportunity to choose to belong to a class of their choice. Class A: Bead-making and Knitting (Facilitator: Juliet Ufot), Class B: Shoe-making and Hat-making (Facilitator: Kolosi Eniekedou), Class C: ICT (Computer) and Visual Arts (Facilitator: Akor Jackson). Class A consists of nine (9) members, Class B has about seven (7) members and Class C has the highest number of members- well over twenty (20) students. This training will continue every Tuesdays and Thursdays till July 22, 2013. There will be an exhibition on August 10, 2013 where the students will display the skills acquired during the VASE Club’s Hands-on Training. More information on the upcoming exhibition will be communicated in future posts.

IYDEA-ENACTUS Collaboration

On May 27, 2013 ENACTUS formerly known as SIFE (University of Calabar team)and IYDEA agreed to collaborate together for the successful implementation of the 2013 project. This collaboration is mutual as both parties share the same passion for empowering persons with disabilities. We believe that this partnership will result in more positive impact on the lives of these special youths.

Be a part of this positive change! Support this venture!!! Youths With Disabilities’ Empowerment is Everyone’s Business…

For More Inquiries, Visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Iydeanigeria or send an email to julietufot@gmail.com

hand-made towels produced by two beneficiaries Wprking with a kid with special need Art work produced by one of VASE club members Head Scarf production Training sessions Foot-wear production training session ICT  training session Cooperation and love among VASE club members


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