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VASE (Vocational, Arts and Skills Entrepreneurship) Club is an initiative created by the IYDEA team aimed at training them on various arts, crafts, vocational and entrepreneurial skills. VASE club provides a forum for interaction between special youths, their parents, the school and the society. Training workshops and seminars characterize the VASE club activities. 

Activities of VASE Club for Year 2013

Hands-on Training

The participants will be taught by experienced/professional facilitator some of who has a degree in Special Education. Skills to be taught will include baking, sewing, decorations, art works, crafts, music, ICT etc.

Entrepreneurship Development

During the periods of 1/5/2013 to 22/7/2013, the participants will be trained on entrepreneurship skills. They will be taught financial literacy skills, simple market strategies and business ethics. They will also be taught how to work as a team and come up with innovative ideas and problem solving techniques. During the holiday period, members will be engaged in entrepreneurial projects and on 10/8/2013 the special youths will engage in a VASE competition where they will showcase their skills to the public and seed funding is given to the best three participants. The aim of this competition is to build and boost confidence in their skills.

Certificates and Award

On completion of the training by graduating students of Special Education Secondary School, certificates will be issued to the graduating students. They will also be provided with information on scholarships, job and links to further studies/ employment for youths with disabilities. Also, successful participants will be attached to organizations as interns to further hone their skills. After-school assistance, project evaluations and peer-mentoring opportunities will be provided as well.


Admission into the VASE club will be strictly based on individual passion of the special youths (and the consent of their parents if under 18 years). Members are required to be committed to the club and its activities. VASE club also seek the assistance of the parents in motivating and encouraging full participation of their ward.

Iydea…together we do it even better!!!

For more information on VASE Club please contact;

Akor Jackson (Project Manager)

Phone: +2347030615650

 Email: akor.jackson@gmail.com


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  1. […] On April 29, 2013 letters were distributed to parents of the participants informing them of IYDEA’s activities and VASE (Vocational, Arts, skills and Entrepreneurship) club and its activities for 2013. The letter also informed parents on the upcoming Art and Skills exhibition (VASE Club Exhibition) and how their ward can acquire a VASE club membership. To know more about VASE Club, click here. […]

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